Sorbact® takes care of animal wounds – naturally.

Animal wounds are often the result of a trauma. In the case of cats and dogs, the injury could be the outcome of a fight or a road accident. Horses can injure themselves in different ways while grazing. Common to all these potential causes of injury, is that they often occur in unclean environments. For the wound to heal in the best possible way, it is important to reduce bacterial growth. The unique surface of a Sorbact® dressing utilizes a completely natural process that binds the bacteria and fungi to the plaster without allowing any chemically active substances to enter the wound.

Veterinary range

As a vet, you have access to the entire Sorbact® range of professional dressings for animals, including horses, dogs and cats.

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Pharmacy range

For pet owners, a selection of the Sorbact® range is available at your pharmacy. You can also order products from our veterinary range online through selected retailers.

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See how Sorbact® actually works

A Sorbact® dressing is suitable for treating many different types of wounds in animals such as horses, dogs and cats. The unique bacteria-binding surface of Sorbact® also makes the dressing particularly suitable for use with animals that spend a lot of time in environments where dirt could easily enter the wound, and where there is an increased risk of infection. In our case descriptions, you can read more about how Sorbact® can be used for wound care in animals, and how the healing process works.

Case descriptions

How the unique Sorbact® surface works

The unique surface binds the bacteria from the wound to the dressing. The bacteria that become attached to the dressing are removed when you lift or replace the dressing, helping to prevent infection. All products in the Sorbact® range have the same functionality.

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Do you have a question? Our vets can help you!

As a pet owner, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to handle or manage your animal's wounds. Our ‘Ask the vet’ service gives you the opportunity to obtain answers to your specific questions about wounds and wound care for animals. There is no charge for this service.

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