Sorbact® Secure

Protect and keep the wound clean

Showerproof plasters that stay firmly in place and prevent dirt from entering the wound. The unique Sorbact® surface binds bacteria from the wound, helping it to heal and preventing infection. Read more

Surgical wounds
Available in sizes: 5x7,2 cm, 8x10 cm
icon_lock Stays firmly in place
icon_bacteria Binds bacteria
icon_waterproof Waterproof
icon_breathe Breathes

Three layers that protect against dirt and fluids, prevent infections and allow your skin to breathe

Sorbact® Secure is designed according to a three-layer principle. The three layers protect the wound, prevent infections and ensure that the plaster remains firmly in place.


How to apply Sorbact® Secure


Clean the wound. Remove the white protective film.


Apply the plaster to shaved, dry skin with the green surface in direct contact with the wound. Press around the edges.


Remove the top layer of film with the blue border. The plaster can stay on for several days depending on the state of the wound.

Caution! At the first sign of infection (redness, swelling, pain, warm skin), contact a healthcare professional. Do not use together with ointments and creams. Do not use if the inner packaging is damaged or opened. If the plaster is changed too frequently, some irritation may occur on sensitive skin.

Sorbact® Secure is available in two sizes

Sorbact® Secure should be used for minor, superficial wounds. It is important that the entire wound surface is covered by the green Sorbact surface in the middle of the plaster to achieve the best healing effect. The plaster is available in two sizes.

Sorbact Secure 5x7,2 cm
Sorbact Secure 5x72 cm_3
Sorbact Secure 8x10 cm
Sorbact Secure 8x10 cm_2
Used in healthcare for prevention and for infected wounds
Does not emit chemically active substances into the wound
Sits firmly and can be used for several days